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"Mr Steele is a school teacher who lives in Liverpool, Australia and has earned the reputation as a fine communicator with young children through music and visual aids." -- Casey Conway (Liverpool City Mayor)

"I think the show was interesting. We could sing along. It was very funny." -- Mandy (student)

"I thought that the show was excellent and interesting." -- Phillip (student)

"Comical in parts, interesting in others." -- Mark (student)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance, relaxed, informal, friendly yet purposeful and informative. The show does credit to both the country and the performer." -- Phil Lea (deputy headmaster)

"Graham is a typical and worthy representative of a great young country. If you can fit his show in do try it, you won't regret it." -- Peter Webb (headmaster)

"Simple enough for children to understand. A thoroughly enjoyable experience." -- Mrs A. Mason (teacher)

"Your organization has been first class, the information was detailed and comprehensive. The show took place on the date and time given with minimal inconvenience to the school." -- Mr D. Knight (headmaster)

"We found the presentation excellent, the content and format being appropriate to the age group. There was an excellent balance of information and audience participation." -- Mrs Kathleen Bond (head teacher)

"To his credit Graham Steele kept everyone enthralled with his varied program of live and recorded 'Australiana' " -- Mr G. Roberts (headmaster)

"Every teacher has independently told me how impressed they were with your presentation with a mixture of slides, songs, music and puppets, fact and fiction. The show was brisk, professional, educational entertainment which has stimulated a great interest among the children on all aspects of Australia." -- W.J. Arnold (headmaster)