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AUSTRALIA: My Home is a beautiful program aimed at five to eight year olds and features songs, a poem, a short aboriginal story and looks at Australia through the eyes of a young boy named Jeremy and Andy The Swagman, a friendly and fun-loving puppet.

By means of a Powerpoint presentation the children will learn about Australia's countryside, houses, aborigines, animals, schools, and lifestyle through photographs, drawings and graphics.

Such exciting and enjoyable songs as Waltzing Matilda, Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport, Wawirri, Click Go The Shears and I Still Call Australia Home as well as bonus song from Andy The Swagman are presented and the children are invited to sing along (the words will show on the screen). Why The Kangaroo Hops is an aboriginal myth from the Dreamtime which explains how the kangaroo came to hop instead of walk. Old Man Platypus is a beautiful poem describing the life of a platypus.

The children will be shown an Australian flag and a genuine boomerang. At the end of the program the children will be invited to ask questions. For followup work a set of blackline masters will be presented to the school to be used by class teachers.