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"I'm Somebody" $ 10.00
Featuring ten songs and ten scenarios with Hermie and Snozzle accompanied by Graham Steele. Children from 3 to 11 will love this album. Bonus Backing Tracks included!
Puppet Plays $ 10.00 This CD features ten plays from the book featured below. They come with background music and all dialogue as well as script copies. Ideal for large crowds. No microphones required.
"God's Order For Musicians and Singers"  $ 5.00 A guide on how to use musicians and singers in your church.
A Father's Love / A Father's Sacrifice  $ 5.00 Graham Steele shares about his older boy, Jeremy, who died from Leukaemia at age 15. Based on the story of Abraham and Isaac.
"Encouragement" $ 5.00 The neglected ministry in the church today as told by Graham Steele using his early life and teaching experience as examples.
"Investing In God's Kingdom" $ 5.00 When giving all we have to the Lord will bless others and open doors to release others in service.

Coffee Mugs $ 5.00 ea. Eight attractive designs offering humour and encouragement for all who enjoy a good cuppa.

Getting Children On Board $ 15.00 Five articles on Children's Ministry
Getting The Church On Board $ 15.00 Five articles relating to the church, its outreach, and training its people.
Jeremy The Magnificent $ 15.00 A biography of Graham Steele's son, Jeremy, who died from Leukaemia at age 15.
20 Plays For Puppetry And Drama Groups $ 15.00 This book comes with 20 original plays by Graham Steele for use with puppets and live drama.
"Children's Ministry" $ 10.00 A handbook on starting and running children's activities such as kids' clubs, holiday clubs, and kids' camps. It deals with classroom management, incentives, discipline, timetables, activities. Some great ideas for Scripture teachers.
"Creative Ministries" $ 10.00 A handbook about the creative ministries as well as a guide for starting creative ministry groups in your church or school, the pitfalls to avoid, ideas to succeed, resources to use.

PUPPETS (Muppet style):
Small $ 125.00 Comes completely dressed with joggers and socks.
Medium $ 125.00 Comes completely dressed with joggers and socks.
Large $ 100.00 Comes with attached gloves for human arms.
Kits (All sizes) $ 35.00 + P&H Comes with instructions for assembling.
Hand Puppets $ 10.00 Beautiful colours.


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