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10 reasons why a weekend or weeklong visit to your church will bless and encourage both you and your people;

Attention all clergy!

Your Children

The children in both churches and schools will be given steps and opportunities to come to know the Lord while those who have made decisions will be challenged to live lives worthy of the name of the Lord.

Your Youth

The youth will also be challenged with the Gospel together with living Godly lives and filling their minds with Godly ways and ideas. They will further be challenged about being available to the Lord to answer His calls on their lives.

Your Men

The men will be encouraged to take the spiritual leads in their families, to be Godly examples to their wives and children. They will also be encouraged to allocate their time wisely to have regular and quality time with their families.

Your Seniors

These precious people will be encouraged to pursue all that the Lord has planned for them, that God has no "used by" dates and that today can be the beginning of the rest of their lives to do exciting things in God and see the Lord use them effectively in his service.

Your Parents

Parents will be encouraged to lovingly and carefully raise their children in Godly ways. Ideas will be given to effectively discipline their children and help bring peace and harmony into the home climate

Your Children's And Youth Workers

Several ideas will be presented in a seminar about what children and youth need to know to be (1) saved and (2) disciples of Jesus Christ. The workers will be encouraged in their ministries and given ideas on discipline, how to use creative ministries and how to incorporate their programs into the overall church program.

Your Creative People

Ideas will be presented and instruction given to use puppetry, drama, music, storytelling, dance in both outreach and worship. A puppet making workshop can be organised for your people to make their own puppets. An outline will be given how to effectively outreach into your community using the creative ministries.

Your Leaders

Time will be taken with your leaders to encourage them in their roles within the church, loyalty to their pastor, time with their families, lateral thinking in their individual programs and solid support for the vision of the church. They will be challenged in their own walk with the Lord.

Your Hurting People

People who have lost a loved one or gone through divorce or other tragedies will benefit from personal testimony of a loving God who, when the bottom falls out their world, will sustain and comfort them and give them a fresh start knowing that God is in control.


Time will be given to you to encourage you in your ministry, to extend your potential in God, to give ideas how to grow your church and to pray with you over your vision, your people, your family and yourself.

Graham Steele was a teacher for twenty years and is now in fulltime ministry reaching out to all ages. He has a great love for the Church as well as a desire to see people come to know the Lord. He has travelled widely throughout Australia and overseas and is in much demand as a speaker. His warmth, honesty, love, humour and abilities to communicate will bless all who hear him.

Pastor Graham Steele M. Ed. (Creative Arts), B. Ed., Dip. Teach., J.P.

Christian Communicator for all ages
Evangelist, Educator, Exhorter
Magician, Puppeteer, Storyteller, Musician

OFFICE ADDRESS: 9 Dening Close, Chipping Norton, NSW, Australia. 2170

POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 650, Moorebank, NSW, Australia. 1875


Tel: (02) 9755 2586
Fax: (02) 9755 1442
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